Get your Swedish Driving License

The first step towards a Swedish Driving License is to get a driving permit (called a “körkortstillstånd” in Swedish. You can find and fill in the form here.

To complete you application for a driving permit you also need to do an eye examination. We at the traffic school can help you with that, or if you choose to book an appointment at an optician.

If you want to practice on your driving at home but then you need to have an accompanying driver. Before you can start practice on your driving you both need to take an Intro-/Handledarkurs. You can book the course here.

We recommend that you combine you driving with theoretical studies from the start. The traffic school can offer you a variation of theoretical packages so that you can be well prepared for your theoretical exam.

Before you can write the theoretical exam or proceed with the driving test you need to have passed two mandatory courses. One of them is the Risk 1, you can book it here. The course covers the risks of alcohol, drugs, fatigue and other scenarios that can impair your driving skills.

Risk 2 is about learning how to anticipate and manage hazardous situations in traffic. The training increases the understanding of safety margins, speed and external conditions such as surface and weather.

You can book you theoretical exam as soon as you get you driving permit. We at the traffic school can help you to book both the theoretical exam and the driving test.

When its time for your driving test you can choose to drive with the traffic schools car if you book your test thru us.




1 Driving lesson

925 inkl. moms

  • 1 Driving lesson, 55 min Luleå

4 Driving lessons

4445 inkl. moms

  • 5 Driving lessons, 55 min Luleå